Technologies, analyses and evaluations in the digital world. We enable deeper insights into the industry.

Data and networks are the gold of this age.

We invest time and money in the preparation and evaluation of industrial data. User behavior is not only based on end customers, but also on business and technology usage. With our systems we process the data using automation and artificial intelligence we evaluate this data.

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Media Network

Millions of users use our media network. Not only the visitors benefit from the mediation of products and news pages. It...

Game Analyses

Analyses of our special databases give us and them a deep insight into the current industry. The analysis also gives us...

Game Development

Game development today is easy, but developing good games and marketing them properly is not. We develop our own games...


System consulting, system development and publishing, we find the right expert for every field. Our team of experts can...

Data Aggregation

Data is the gold of our times. With the help of special tools, artificial intelligence and a neural network, we can...


We have already invested in a large number of projects in the past. We are always looking for new opportunities to...

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